Dekumzy Produces For Wife, Ursula’s Forth-Coming Album | New Music

Its no longer news that Desperate Chicks band’s lead singer Ursla Ice, has decided to embark on a solo career. However she will not go it entirely alone. Also supported by husband, Dekumzy who will be producing most of the songs in her forthcoming album. This happens to be another brand new single from and share your thoughts
UrSula Ice

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Ursula – Give It To You, Prod. Dekumzy

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14 Responses to “Dekumzy Produces For Wife, Ursula’s Forth-Coming Album | New Music”

  1. Holla,

    Ur song is nice….

    I hail Dekumzy.


    • Hot Stuff from De Hot Couple!!
      awesome i must say!
      Dekumzy & Ursula are de Bomb…
      couldn’t help but start dancing listening to this.
      am proud of u guys!! keep it up and clear…. ciao!!

  2. her name is ursula ice

  3. Awesome…………………….

  4. I luv this. Kudos to the couples

  5. Nice song,ve loved desperate chicks long time.dis coming from one of them is so cool.

  6. Nice beat, nice mixing, nice voice but with
    poor message, poor lyrics and poor back-ups
    Guess u work harder later

  7. Nice song,,,

    My bro, de beat ia good and dancing follows.


  8. j malaika Says:

    nice one girl, nice voice, nice producer, this is for u kiss kiss kiss huge huge huge.

  9. illbliss dat ibo boy Says:

    Dekumzy u killed it..

    Ah ah madame can sing like crazy…scatter scatter…Big Ups

  10. Dj Whyte Wizzy Says:

    I back illbliss nice one out there…..Odi okey

  11. amaka nwosu Says:

    wow u guys are bad, dis songs are one in a billion. Keep it up u 2, u guys are d bomb. Kudoss…..

  12. Kumzy,giv dm wot dm wnt. Urzzy babe…u got wot dm ppl ar wntin…u guys ar incredible. God b wit us al tru…fame… say so

  13. jennifer Says:

    u guys are just too good.more grace….

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