M-Kaze – Change (Situation) (Prod. Indiana)

After listening to so many hit tracks from this southside music genius called M-Kaze over the past several months, I’ve become convinced of his outstanding songwriting and vocal talent. His musical charisma alone which tends to generate lots of excitement and enthusiasm is one that cannot be ignored, as very few artistes possess such power. He has proved himself repeatedly to be a very reliable, very hardworking sort of act and I esteem him very much for his remarkable accomplishments so far.

The song Change (Situation) comes from his recently released King Of The Underground album. An inspiring hit, the lyrics here are quite deep but meaningful and I just love the message behind the entire song. Produced by Indiana Kings. This should stay a long while on your playlists.


M-Kaze – Change (Situation) (Prod. Indiana Kings)

M-Kaze – Change (Situation) (Prod. Indiana Kings) [Alt Link]

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6 Responses to “M-Kaze – Change (Situation) (Prod. Indiana)”

  1. I want to be a musican can you help me. pls

  2. Nice job ßro. Am a huge fan

  3. Kaze! i must say u did a gr8 job

    • jt moneyy Says:

      m kaze may God bless you maintain your voice is good and similar to peter and paul voice one love.

  4. Trias Doetsch Says:

    I really enjoyed this post

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