Waconzy Takes Charge As CEO Of Dv8 Media


Waconzy — the artist, producer and entrepreneur has decided to try his hand at management and has assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer of Dv8 Media. Check the blockquote below for the official press statement from Dv8 Media.

Even though the battle is still on between dv8 media and mtech Nigeria over waconzy caller tune payment, dv8media is showing no sign of slowing down its expansion process as it now has a new C.E.O none other than the PMP certified project management graduate Waconzy. He recently paid $100,000 (over 15 million naira) to buy over the company and he is now fully in charge.

Dv8 media is the company that has been solely responsible for the management of Waconzy since his career started till date. He bought over the company so as to also put to work his project managerial skills while he also faces his music career. He says he doesn’t want to waste the knowledge gathered in his years in the university (F.U.T.O). He also advices musicians to consider maximizing their educational qualification as it definitely would be needed sometime in nearest future.

Dv8 media is now working towards being an entertainment and project management brand that would represent Africa in the global market. Over the last six months, Dv8 media has setup four world-class offices nationwide and one in South Africa in partnership with youngAne productions so as to maximize their productivity and expand the audience of their artiste/ceo “Waconzy”. Waconzy also recently hired American trained project managers with PMP certification to assist in the expansion process.

Dv8 media recently set up a world-class recording studio, an event shop, and an alternative power company in Port Harcourt with immediate plans of also setting up a Hiphop shop and a mens shop.

After the release of Waconzy’s forth coming album titled “Money Back Guarantee” which is expected to drop later this year.Dv8 media would be looking forward to signing couple of talented artistes.

In the footage below, Mr. Capable and rapper Naeto C show their support for Dv8 Media.

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4 Responses to “Waconzy Takes Charge As CEO Of Dv8 Media”

  1. well am proud te part of dv8 artist soon tanx

  2. king Duncan Says:

    l hope to be the first Dv8 artiste to be signed.

  3. Lizzy-kizz Says:

    Wow very gud very gud, am going to do somting about dis, wel done dv8,

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