2Face Idibia Speaks On Current Situation In Nigeria, Corruption And Theft (Video)

2Face Idibia sat down with Word to discuss the present situation in Nigeria, corrupt leaders and politicians, theft etc.

9 Responses to “2Face Idibia Speaks On Current Situation In Nigeria, Corruption And Theft (Video)”

  1. Good thinking. Nigerians should either make up to stay,live as 1 or forever partways like Ken and Abel.

  2. Chichi Abinwe Says:

    Don’t forget the corruption at the Shell compound. They not only take the oil but the women too.

  3. adesuyi Says:

    please pray for nigeria

  4. adesuyi Says:


  5. sonny fce pankshin Says:

    Nigerians should no more transfer loyalty from the constitution to self or religion.

  6. Tubwot Joel Sunday F.C.E. PANKSHIN Says:

    what surprises me is when some Nigerians left Nigeria just 2 go and see the African that emerged president of the most powerful nation in the world, a country that is known for justice but when they returned they still go their own egocentric way. Nigeria can be better with you yes with you in your own capacity. It is high time we change or else……………………………………………………..

  7. Clement Ibadin Says:

    The present situation right now in Nigeria, is not the problem of federal government but the people problems. Not untill individuals take their responsibilities the contry we not be a better place for us.

  8. We have said so much both in the past and in these recent years but that has got us nowhere, we can still continue to lament and point accusing fingers till “thy kingdom come” it will not solve the problem, until we allow God to take the lead in our country Nigeria. God is the pillar on which a nation’s progress should be built, ours has been built on corruption, violence, lies, hatred, selfishness, greed etc, and unless we rebuild our nation on God, we will continue to live without a firm hold to lean on. The evil one is at work in our land and only prayers and personal change of heart can put him to flight.

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