IBK (aka Spaceship Boy) – I Have A Dream (Video Trailer)

Hey guys, meet IBK, Winner of the Don Jazzy Enigma beat competition, meet his upcoming video trailer. And while I haven’t heard or seen much of him, I like this stuff right here, another talented dude y’all should check out.

IBK is a renowned producer, singer/songwriter and vocal instructor well known for his vocal arrangements and gritty production skills.Born and raised in the city of Warri in Delta state, IBK is the perfect example of musical genius representing God to the fullest!

The Music producer, rapper, singer/song-writer, has decided to make his presence felt in the industry and add value to the world via his music. Under the production name Martianship and a genre of music thats out of this world and which cannot be boxed. His music is hard to label stylewise, it is a mix of genres : Gospel, jazz, neo-soul, hiphop and even RnB.

There are many words we can classify IBK with – different, unusual, ‘out-er-the-box’ – but he’d rather call himself spaceshipboi; believing he has been sent to add value to this world he currently finds himself in (earth).

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