Tru South – Jah We Calling (Video)

Tru South drops off the video for Jah We Calling. And it’s a perfect complement to the inspiring message of the song.

A prayer song for Nigeria, indeed what the Nation needs in times like this. The world is aware about the numerous challenges the nation Nigeria is going through. This video doesn’t dwell on the troubles we facing as a nation, but it depicts our hope and faith in God for divine intervention.

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2 Responses to “Tru South – Jah We Calling (Video)”

  1. Gift .o. Says:

    What a nice vidio,i no u re doin wel.but put more effort into azoto,so dat d people wil feel d other part of u,an dey say u d best in dancin

    • na bcos bomb never explode for ur area dats why u still get time to dance ..tru south na concious musician ..GO FIGURE

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