Kessydriz – John Bull

While most girls would drop their current lover for the next best man, Kessydriz would rather follow and hold on to the one she truly loves no matter what, as she sings “Monkey no fine but him mama like am so, John Bull ooo yes I like am so, whether him get or him no get we go soak garri“. The rich textures and tones in her voice coupled with the highlife- like instrumentation gives the song its relaxed swing. Its lyrics describes the feeling of crave for a romantic escapade.

Kessydriz’s genuine musical talent is obvious and from all I’ve heard on this song there’s a possibility the young songstress can make a lasting impact.

Kessydriz John Bull mbonu

Kessydriz – John Bull

Kessydriz – John Bull [alt]

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3 Responses to “Kessydriz – John Bull”

  1. i trust you i kw u will make it

  2. alex chukwuemeka Says:

    i love your language

  3. Goodone gurl

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