City Hall – News

Formed in June 2012 in Malaysia, Cityhall are a PH-Benue music duo based in Port Harcourt consisting of members Luminous Akazua (aka Lumzy) and Ogiri Joshua Ogli (aka Alloy Josh).

The boys of CityHall started leading successful solo careers as artistes and stage performers from their teens and over the years have been endeared as lyrical god (lumzy) and lyrical god of soul (alloy) by fans and competitors.

Cityhall working under the platform of Dyamondz Entertainment, is determined to thrill the world with good and transcendence music, with highly motivational and inspirational messages.

Almost a year after its formation, the band having been working effortlessly on their debut, and are set for a huge take over, with their first single titled “News”.

City Hall News

City Hall – News

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