Only hearts can understands my next song – Floxy

Written by Chinedu H. Nwadike

Songbird Floxy has revealed that her next single will be dedicated to those whose hearts were broken by the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day. According to the Imo State recording artist, many had their hopes taken to sky scrapers and then shattered into pieces by those whom they were thinking to be their partners.

“It keeps happening every year and the end of the lesson will never be learnt. Some people get to know they are dating a human being, while others get to find out they’ve been dating the shadow of their partner. The thing is, while hearts are mended and painted with the beautiful colours of love, others were crush and on that day and I have made a wonderful song from their pains” She said. Floxy’s next single is titled Much Pain and the track which has so far moved people where she performed it, will be released to the public on February 28, 2014.

Floxy who has dwelt on African pop and dancehall genres will be shifting grounds to touch hearts and she believes it is an honourable thing to do. “I have made people nod, dance and move their bodies to my songs, but this time, only hearts can listen to it, and only hearts can understands what it is saying” She added. After her debut in 2013, with the track Competition, she has become one of top voices in the South East music scene, making I Gat You featuring KozyG her second single same year. Much pain will be her first release in 2014 and she hopes to back it up with a stage performance video.

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