Lamili Engel – Wanna Love You

South South’s own Lamili Engel follows up the success of Bend Down with a new song titled Wanna Love You.

Lamili had hinted that she was in works on a new material unlike what we have heard from her in the past, a wait which lasted long enough to awaken the yearnings of her fans home and abroad.

As if the production time was not long enough, the “Ice Water” songbird crooner did a 10-day countdown to the release of “Wanna Love You”. Makes one wonder right? Well, after listening to this wonderful, wonderful piece from the lovely diva, you will agree that the anticipation was well worth it.

To top it all off, Lamili’s management Horizon Point has put out a 150,000Naira prize to any fan who guesses right who the male voice in the song belongs to. Listen carefully, follow and send your answers via twitter in format “Answer the HashTag #WannaLoveYOUbyLAMILI to @lamili_engel ,@prodigy2639, @Idrubber. Winner will be announced subsequently.

“Wanna Love You”, produced by Muno at 2Flame studios. Mixed and mastered by Da’Genius.

Lamili Engel – Wanna Love You

2 Responses to “Lamili Engel – Wanna Love You”

  1. Wanna love you, but you ran off with someone else’s 60 year old white man. It was for the money and the green card???

    • #ArrestDeborahJeanStone Says:

      #DeborahJeanStone Neonatal Nurse practitioner, Newport Beach CA. #CyberbullyAndStalker of Lamili #StopCyberBullying #ArrestDeborahJeanStone

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