Men Stare At My Chest More Than My Face — Floxy

Written by Chinedu H. Nwadike

Female vocalist Floxy has revealed that her last single titled Much Pain was based on a true life story after much side talks that she was nursing heartbreak when she wrote the song.

The endowed songbird said the story was real but did not happen to her. “It’s so funny when you hear things about you; but it’s not bad because when people don’t talk about it means you are stagnant. They said things about Much Pain and somehow they are right. The truth is that the song was inspired by heartbreak, but I’m not the victim. I wrote the song based on what my friend was going through, because I was there when the guy was making plenty promises to her. The way he did it, you’ll never believe he will change some day. My friend would say that all men are dogs, but I will always tell her that there are still good guys out there and I am sure of that”

Floxy however said that heartbreak is one of the hazards of going into a relationship and urged ladies to take time to understand a man before they can give themselves to him.

“I don’t talk about my relationships, but heartbreak is not my thing. I just wish ladies can understand the true picture of guys, things will be much better for us. In my case, I know what they want when they come to me. Most of them fix their eyes on my chest as if my face was there and it is so funny to hear what they say behind me. Most of them want one thing, chest. They’ll never get it” she added.

The Imo State based music artist urged fellow up-and-coming female artists to be focused, putting their trust in God and not men who will end up taking more than they have given to them.

Floxy’s next projects are some recordings and the release of a compilation of her stage performances.

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