Rosie Young Interviews Dancer Queency

As female dancers around the world are turning sensual day by bay, Imo State-based Queency who is one of the bests in the act reveals to Rosie Young in this exclusive interview when she caught up with the dancer at the 14th edition of Deejay Saquo’s Star Nite on Friday, April 25 2014, why she dances the way she does, her future plans, and approach from men after performance.


Motive behind dance style

First of all, I’ll say dancing is my talent. The motive behind my dance style is pleasing my fans. I realised they love the way I dance and since I noticed that’s what they love, I decided to give it to them the way they want it. They shouldn’t get me wrong though.

Arousing male folks with bedroom moves on stage

My intention has never been to arouse the men; I do it just for fun and the act.

Approach from men after performance

Approach from men is a normal thing for every female dancer, but in my own case, when they ask me to go home with them, my answer is simply NO because that’s not part of my work and I have principles I don’t go against.

Ever been asked how much you will take to sleep with someone for the night after performance?

[laughs] Yeah! I get that every now and then. No day passes without me being approached by a man but that is not part of me. Some are shy in their approach and start by beating around the bush; someothers ask me what I’ll charge for a night, while some others make an outright over which in most cases are irrestible.

Ever accept any of them?

The answer is still no, it has never been part of me and will never be.

Do you see yourself dancing the way you do now in 10 years time?

Yeah! I see myself dancing in 10 years time though a time shall come when I won’t be as strong as I am today. That is why I keep praying to God to help me establish something I will be remembered for when that time comes.

If you have a daughter, would you encourage her to dance the way you do?

If she has the talent like me, I will encourage her. In fact I’d be her manager.

Is your boyfriend OK with what you do?

Yes. Because before he came to me, he must have known the kind of person I am and the kind of thing I do. If a man is not okay with what I do and how I do it, I don’t see him coming around me for any reason.

What’s his reaction when he watches you dance?

He doesn’t react anyway because he already knows my kind of person. He can’t judge me based on my kind of dance and even though he gets jealous at times, he is still okay with who I am.

What do you think about your popularity level?

I have my fans but I’m still working very hard to enlarge myself.

Outside dance what else do you do?

Apart from dance, I model and I act too. I have featured in a couple of movies; some are in the market, while others are yet to be released.

10 years from now, Where do you see yourself?
Let me not go too far but I will be more than Kefee in less than 10 years from now. She is the one we know right now, I should be the one to be known before then. That is my target.

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