CleMzy – Wa Bami Lo (Prod. Gemangel)

Clement Osadolor Known as CLeMzy introduces himself with Wa Bami Lo. The track’s production was helmed by Gemangel.

Like most artiste CLeMZy started in a group called Soul’PLUZ. They are TWO in the group (CLeMZy & IziK). Ever since they’ve been together, it has been hardwork from these dudes, they recorded their first track at ark media where 9ice and rugged man started their careers.

Suddenly, the Soul’PLUZ group decided to go solo But they are still best of friends they just decided to do different things. It has been hard work from CLeMzy ever since the split, and now to his greatest surprise his Muzik his growing better & better than the way it was when he was still in a group.

Clemzy – Wa Bami Lo (Prod. Gemangel)

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