ABA, Nigeria: Damsel Hooking Up With BabyBoy

Written by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

The city of Aba could be witnessing the next artist-to-artist romance if everything from our findings turns out to be true. Stories are moving like whirling wind around the city that rapper, BabyBoy is having something more than a working relationship with singer Damsel.

Dancer-turned-singer, Damsel who was formally known as S£xy G has been seen around BabyBoy who is turning out to be the next Igbo rap revaluation in the Enyimba city and the duo have also performed together in most events they have attended with the most recent being at Tour De Magnific on August 31, 2014.

A female artiste in Aba whom we spoke to said “there is surely more than music in their relationship because BabyBoy has never worked closely with another female artiste the way he is working with Damsel. I’m a girl and when I see romance, I can tell it with the glow in the eyes, BabyBoy and Damsel are surely going out.”

Although she denied that her statements are spurred by jealousy, she wished them the best, saying that she has nothing to lose if they should make the relationship public someday. “Babyboy is a nice guy and I will love to work with him someday. He is doing fine, especially with his event at Heartland Hotels Aba every last Friday of the month” she added under anonymity. Neither BabyBoy nor Damsel has commented on this issue, but we will keep pressing on them till they say something to clear the air.

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