Franco Records Warns Over ‘Prodigal’ Abizzy Bangura

Written by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

Houston Texas, USA based record label, Franco Records has issued warning to entertainment stakeholders worldwide on dealing with their prodigal artiste, Abizzy Bangura. According to a press release signed by the CEO of the label, Franco Bonghan, Sierra Leonean born Abizzy Bangura has gone against a contract he signed in March 2013 and the label is out to take legal actions against him and anyone found dealing with him.

Warning to all stakeholders in the entertainment industry worldwide. The artist known as Abizzy Bangura is signed to Franco Records since March of 2013. While we will not indulge into any details of his contract with Franco Records for confidentiality purposes, it is our responsibility to enforce legal action to sustain our credibility and professionalism in case of breach of contract as is the case with Abizzy Bangura.

Back in November 2013, the label sent out a press release titled ‘Franco Records to sue Sierra Leone’s Alimamy Bangura aka Abizzy for Breach of Contract’. This notice spells out and highlights aspects of contract violation listing specific areas of breach of contract. After the above press release, Abizzy has continued with the same pattern, leaving the label with no option other than legal actions. This is a warning to all industry stakeholders to desist from/cancel with immediate effect, any bookings, appearances, interviews, shows, press conferences, with Abizzy Bangura to avoid facing an immediate wrath of law.

Cc @francorecordz

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