Are Kozy G And Adanna Obi Headed For A Relationship?

Written by Chinedu H. Nwadike

It looks like love will be shining on the way of singer KozyG who was spotted in one of the joints in Owerri with Otowngist news reporter, Adanna Obi.

With the romance buzz kicking off after CEO, Otowngist Entertainment jokingly matchmaked pair, rumours have it that the pair the pair took advantage of the matchmaking joking and turn theirs into a prophecy. The same day these pictures were taken, KozyG wrote “I had so much fun today with…” on his BlackBerry Messenger status and the meaning of that was only seen when we received these pictures. The last time news about KozyG with a girl went public was in 2013 when it was rumoured that he impregnated a secondary school student which he denied.

The singer is presently making waves, especially with his new single, Ajebo Baby, a good reason beautiful ladies like Adanna would want to give him audience. Adanna Obi who is a student of Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education Owerri, is being eyed by top entertainers in the Imo State and KozyG could be the lucky one if things should go well with them. We will soon find out what is sparking up the happiness.

One Response to “Are Kozy G And Adanna Obi Headed For A Relationship?”

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