Leeroy Talks Affordable Education & New Single, “Obodo Oyibo”

Written by Chinedu H. Nwadike

Imo State-born emcee, Leeroy has thrown his weight on youth education and the syndrome of every youth travelling abroad to make quick money.

According to the rapper, Nigeria has what it takes for everyone to survive in it but the brain drain on the side of youths has taken a new turn with many of them dropping out of school to go for quick money abroad. He called on youths to pursue education and skill acquisition first before planning on trips like that. He said “I am actually going to do the better part of the preaching with my new single titled Obodo Oyibo where I tried to depict Imo State as Obodo Oyibo and where I also tried to encourage Imo youths to take advantage of the free education in the state to be educated and work out something good for themselves. It is a kind of song no one has ever done, and it has this story-story verses with a rhyming rap on a highlife beat, which means every age group will surely love it”

When asked if he was hyping any politician on the song, he said “I grew up in Ajegunle, Lagos and there are so many things I could have said about my neighborhood down there, but I chose to call Imo State Obodo Oyibo because it is purely how I see it. Whether we like it or not, there are changes which someone who left the state 5 years ago would notice if they return today”

Leeroy also talked against students sleeping with lecturers for marks, while urging government of other states and the president to emulate Imo State to make education free or very affordable to the youths, especially those who do not have sponsors.

The single Obodo Oyibo which featured Ok-David and produced by Young Roc will be dropping on Wednesday, October 16, 2014.

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