Increase your Nigerian followership on Instagram &Twitter w/ FanBaseAfrica

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Introducing is a mobile social network & website traffic exchange market strictly for Africans.

We have Started from Nigeria.

Our Promise
We will Double & Triple Your African Fans & Followers.
What We Do
we bring together Africans to create a strong bond, which makes social network users more relevant & Popular continentally
We Offer :

Free Real African Twitter followers for Individuals & Organizations
Free Real African Instagram followers for Individuals & Organizations
Free Real African Facebook Fans for Individuals & Organizations
Free Real African YouTube Subscribers for YouTube Channels
Free Website Traffic

Our Motto
Connecting Africans(Nigerians)
Our Mission
To Give every African a chance of True Relevance & Influence continentally on Social Networks.
Over The Years Bots, fake followers and irrelevant foreign followers/fans have been used to boost social account fan base, as a result the African social network sphere has experienced a disconnect , limitation in reach and effective engagement amongst Africans, the true connection is yet to achieved.
after long brain storming we decided to launch to help solve the problem by offering 100% real African followers, fans, subscribers. we are optimistic that fake followers, bots and irrelevant followers will become a thing of the past in the one to two years.

Getting followers & fans
How it works
-Sign Up in 30 seconds
-Add Your social network username
-Go to the any of the social network exchange markets (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube) follow other users,
-For Each Person You follow, You Get Points these points makes you appear & gain followers in the exchange markets
-You get two or three followers or Fans for every person you follow.

Getting Website traffic for blogs
How It Works
– Click on the drop down menu and click trends
– you can summit your logo and a text of a story headline of not more than 80 characters.
-Your Story then displays dynamically like ads and be click to your blog page.

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