Damsel Pregnant By Rapper Money Making

Written by Chinedu H. Nwadike

Dating rumours are common with entertainers but this one has taken a whole new dimension as Aba based singer/dancer, Damsel recently posted on her WhatsApp status that she is happy to be making a new baby with Money Making.

Both artists have been characterized with dating rumours with Money Making having been linked with fellow rapper Treasure Gold, a rumour the later came out to clear after it was confirmed that the man in her life was never Money Making. Damsel on her side was seen to be dating rapper, Baby Boy whom as at them was taking her everywhere with him but the recent shift in rapour from Baby Boy to Money Making is the reason why she wrote “Happy to be making a new born baby with Onowu Money Making hahahaha woooh” on her WhatsApp status sometime last week.

To buttress this, Damsel have been seen with Money Making on several occasions in Owerri and why an Aba based artists will always be seen in Owerri with a male artists like Money Making is a good point to back that status update. There has been no news of the duo doing any song together which means only romance would be bringing them together. Should this baby be real, and one made by a rapper and a singer, who knows what he or she would become. Maybe a dance.

Will keep you posted.

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