VDJ Flex – Boju Boju f. MC Galaxy (Prod. 6th Avenue Magik)

With all benevolence VDJ Flex is known for his uncompromising sound. Pure sets loaded with awesome latest on the edge tracks from major cities around the globe. His energetic playlists are designed to make you move like no other. With the just concluded Jump Off by DJ Jimmy Jatt, were VDJ Flex nailed the Jump Off to the ears of all those in attendance and those who listened in. Many critics have said the ever amazing VDJ Flex success is attributed to the fact that he mixes house with hiphop and rap making them an open platform which his listeners can relate to but finally we all do agree he is still the very best VDJ we have in the nation so far.

He also does a lot of PR and is visible to his audience by doing things that endear them to him. The entrepreneur has also ventured into other aspects of production as he is about to drop his new track with the Sekem Master, MC Galaxy called Boju Boju #Dope song. Drops Monday, 1 December 2014. All radio waves are about to heat up. Sitting down to his Blue ray video mixes makes one realize the universe is vast. He is the Co-host of a reality Rap show called #beatwaveng (www.beatwaveng.com) and #co-host to a reality show on #dancia4tv (www.dancia4tv.com). VDJ Flex continues to inspire a generation of hopefuls from disadvantaged backgrounds with his enthusiasm, hard work and wisdom.

VDJ Flex – Boju Boju f. MC Galaxy (Prod. 6th Avenue Magik)

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