Floxy Bares Her Regrets For 2014

Written by Chinedu H. Nwadike

Everyone has this January dream that makes them believe that by the next December, they would the next big thing around them. This was also the case for singer, Floxy who said the year did not turn out the way she expected it to.

Chinwendu Florence Izuchukwu aka Floxy in an interview, revealed she dreamt big at the beginning of the year but watching the year come to an end with things the way they are makes her feel a little lost. She said “I wanted to be on the lips of everyone in this country; I wanted to be among the best if not the best in what I do in Nigeria, but somehow, it didn’t happened.

“I didn’t achieve stuffs like a having my video banging on the best TV stations in the country; being maybe an inspiration to girls around the country and I didn’t achieve being on the cover of top magazines around the country and beyond. I didn’t achieve them not because I didn’t try or because I didn’t do anything at all, but I believe it’s because God wants it to be that way and I still believe that He will get me to my dreams because even the remaining part of 2014 can change the story for me while 2015 is waiting as a fresh year”

Floxy also admitted that even though she didn’t become the best in Nigeria, she can still be counted among the best in Imo State where she resides and she is grateful to God because she is aware that so many people would want to be in the position she is.

“No one will ever get everything she wants and I’m not counted out of it. Despite the way things are, I want to thank God almighty for a successful year and I am also grateful to everyone who believed in me, my family, friends and fans, God bless us all and make us live our dreams in 2015” she added.

Her first single for the year 2014, ‘Much Pain’ came in February, followed by her 2014 hit ‘Are you Ready’ and another ‘Crisis’, a duet with her brother KozyG which was dedicated to world peace.

She has so far called off the release of her version of Beyoncé’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ but still believes the single can be released before the year runs out. Floxy has also been outspoken on the sexual harassment upcoming female entertainers are receiving in the industry, calling on ladies around the world to stand up for themselves to end the scourge.

She is known for her colourful chorographic stage performances which always goes with two or more dancers.

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