Rapper Money Making Wants A Baby; As Damsel Speaks on Pregnancy

Written by Chinedu H. Nwadike

Rapper Money Making might have called off the release of his Good to Go album in 2014, but he wasn’t quick to wave off the fact that he would be glad to have a baby after it appear that singer Damsel made a post that meant she was pregnant for the him. Money Making said he would love to have a baby soon and if it happens to be a son, it would be one of best things that would ever happen to him.

“It won’t be bad at all for a young man like me, but the fact still remains that I don’t think any girl around the whole wide world is presently pregnant for me.

If Damsel is pregnant for me, I should be hearing it from her first not from the media. I don’t know what she wrote and I don’t want to know because the only thing I know is that no baby is coming” He said.

Damsel on the other had admitted that Money Making is a very good friend of hers but made it clear that her post was misunderstood.

She said she never knew her Whatsapp update would end up on the pages of newspapers and blogs adding that she has learnt her lessons.

“I initially though I was still that girl who could do anything and get away with it but everything happened differently and I have learnt my lessons. I wasn’t pregnant for anyone but somehow I felt that doing a song with someone like Money Making would seem like unleashing a new baby to the world. Songs are like babies to me; I conceive it, nurture it and then let it out of me in the studio. That has been my ideology and I thought I was talking to myself alone. Not knowing the world was involved” she explained.

Money Making refused commenting on being a relationship with Damsel but reacted on his disappointment on the pregnancy buzz saying. “How can I be disappointed that no one is pregnant for me when I did not make any effort to get anyone pregnant? I want babies, but when I need one, I know what to do and if I don’t know, I can google it” ending in a smile.

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