Floxy Calls For Variety in 2015, As “Sweet Dreams” drops January 8

Written by Chinedu Nwadike

Female vocalist Floxy said the waiting is over for the release of her version of Beyoncé’s “Sweet Dream”. Floxy who spoke from her Owerri residence said she put the release of the song on hold for personal reasons which her management understood and has just realized that this period is the best time for its release.

Giving reasons on why she chose to do a song like that and in the way which she did it, Floxy said the industry deserves varieties and anyone who can do anything to bring it into the industry should do it. She then called on artistes around the country to join hands in that, adding that Nigerian music industry is too big to be a one-genre industry.

“We have had a lot of dance-halls and shoki. I believe we should start thinking like creative people, a little of this and that won’t hurt at all. We give people what to step on, what to dance on and even what to wave on. Why can’t we give them what to sleep and maybe love songs that are really love song? No one dances while meditating and Nigerian music industry is too big to be a one-genre industry” She said.

Ebonyi State born Chinwendu Florence Izuchukwu went on to promise her fans around the country and beyond greater things in 2015 while also urging them to pray for her to succeed in the ‘rough’ industry.

She thanked everyone who contributed to the level she is at the moment praying that God will bless them.

“I see a lot of people who stay awake to see that I make it in this industry. Bloggers especially have been wonderful for me. I also appreciate the efforts of newspaper houses and radio and TV stations around the country. DJs and everyone who did something for me, can never be forgotten, we all did it in 2014, let’s do more in 2015” she added.

Floxy’s “Sweet Dreams” which is a slower version of the original song by Beyoncé is produced by Somik and will be available to the general public on Thursdays January 8, 2015.

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