Rapper Money Making Hails Fans, Promises His Best In 2015

Written by Chinedu Nwadike

As artists are scrambling for a fresh start in the year 2015, one the frontline Imo State based artistes and Vice President of Imo Contemporary Musicians Association [ICMA], Onowu Money Making, has hailed his fans and everyone who supported him in 2014.

Onowu Money Making who came close to releasing his debut album in December 2014, made a huge mark as one the most sought after talents in the South East of Nigeria.

Speaking to us, he said the fans are everything to him and he owes everything he has become to them.

“As an artiste, you can never be anything without your fans, they request your songs on radio stations, play them and they are the people screaming during your stage performances. I have come to learn that my success depends on how much I can please my fans and if I end up satisfying them, it will be a dream come true for me”

He went ahead to promise that 2015 will see more hits from him than was seen in 2014 while still begging for their unflinching support to see that the dreams of 2015 become reality.

“There are so much I want to do and achieve this year and the result will be hits upon hits for the fans. There will be varieties, but everything coming to you will be as special as they have always been” he added.

He still hopes that he will release the Good to Go album before the end of the first quarter of the year, promising that it will be packed with goodies.

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