I’m Ready For 2015 Challenge – Fey Flexy

Written by Chinedu Hardy Nwadike

Fey Flexy has declared that he is ready for a fresh challenge in 2015 having made his debut in late 2014.

The singer who came out after lots of transformation in his style of music stated that he is set to do more things this year to help his musical career.

He acknowledged that no one gave him the opportunity to speak and to be heard earlier on, but will do everything possible to make his voice stronger now that his song is out there for people to listen to.

“When you are new in any system, no one wants to hear you unless you have something different and special to say. That is the approach I want to take this year; there are new things I want to do and I want to make them as special and unique as they can be.

It is difficult in Nigeria because most times, fresh ideas are never given opportunities to flourish in the industry. We believe and work with trends and in most cases it stops some people from showing what they can do differently” He said.

Fey Flexy’s last single was Go High which was produced by Somik and he also revealed that he would be doing more work on the song this year to see that it gets to more people.

“Go High is a lovely song, but I still need to do more promotions for it. It is not easy for an artiste in a country as large as Nigeria, but I just have to do whatever I can to get the song to as many people as possible.

When I am satisfied with what I have done, I can then start thinking of a new single for the year. For now, it’s ‘Go High’ all the way” Fey Flexy concluded.

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