With Music, We’re More Than Just Okonkwo Brothers — 2FutureBoys

Written by Chinedu H. Nwadike

Soon, there will be an endless list of brothers in the same business as it is seen in the Okoye brothers (PSquare); Mi and Jassy Jagz; Uche brothers (Kalu and Ike) who are footballers amongst others who have seen success while plying the same trade.

The world will also come to know the Okonkwo brothers who have come to choose the name 2FutureBoys as another set of brothers who have chosen to do music in Nigeria.

Christian and Theophilus Okonkwo who hail from the famous Amaifeke, Orlu in Orlu Local Government Area of Imo State are stepping up to take their place on the music industry with their forthcoming single titled ‘Hello to your guy’ which is billed to drop on Saturday February 21, 2015.

According the duo, YounChris (Christian) and TheoChris (Theophilus), aside being brothers music have kept them closer than ever and with the amount of time they spend together writing and rehearsing their songs and performances, they have come to be closer than just brothers.

“Music turned out to be more than talent to us, it has become a huge blessing to us because it has kept us together in a way that many people envy us. We have seen brothers fighting and making moves to kill each other but our case is different just because of music.

“Music makes us happy and it has also kept us away from trouble. We want to tell the world a story and by God’s grace, we would be telling plenty of it. Music has been an integral part of our lives and learning that we are going to step into it fully excites us” They said.

The track ‘Hello to your guy’ which was produced by D7 will released online on Saturday February 21, 2015 for the public to have access to and download.

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