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Mistabooks – Wanna Be Down f. Regula (video)

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Almost three years later and still sounds fresh. The 90s version was alright, but this could still be really cool, too.

Mistabooks Performs “Fimile Jor Freestyle” (Video)

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Footage of Mistabooks performing his latest freestyle Fimile Jor. Now, I wonder where that is..anyways, props to Alex for putting this up.

Mista Books – Fimile Jor Freestyle

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Mistabooks steps to the mic to tackle another familiar instrumental. The Coal City emcee spits all way to the end, no hooks while showing off his witty pun, hard hitting flow and mouth full of punchlines. Also, expect a visual for WarZone off his mixtape entitled Table Of Content coming soon.

Mista Books Fimile Jor Freestyle

Mista Books – Fimile Jor Freestyle

Mistabooks – Fimile Jor Freestyle [alt]

Stormrex – Spend The Naira f. MistaBooks

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042 first lady Stormrex dropped this jewel not quite long ago and it has been garnering a lot of attention and positive reviews from fans. Sounds like a hit that’s gonna go massive in clubs world over. Produced by Lord Cornel. This masterpiece features rapper MistaBooks.

Stormrex – Spend Tha Naira f. Mistabooks

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MistaBooks – Never Give Up | Exclusive

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A modern blend of Soul, some Jazz and meticulously written rap, creating something of an engaging vibe for the listener, wonderfully evocative of Tariq Trotter and some Peter Phillips’s samples. Honestly, I can’t remember when last I heard something close to this nature.

MistaBooks delivered this song with consummate skill. Behind those conscious lyrics, lies an uplifting message. Never give up.

MistaBooks – Never Give Up

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